About Me

Hi. I’m Kenny Jacobson. Back in the fourth grade, Mr. Omahundro wheeled in a brand new TRS-80 on a metal library cart. “This,” he said pointing to the monochromatic green screen “is the future.”

I’ve been programming ever since.

(well, except for those 9 years spent earning a BA and MA in Spanish and Latin American Literature and then teaching it)

(oh, and the two years I lived in Peru)

(but other than that…seriously…programming)

(and playing in a rock n roll band…)

(and woodworking…)

Over ten years ago I started programming in C#.  I liked it.  Then I loved it.  I was always having to learn additional languages depending on my clients’ needs, but somehow there was also a C# component to it.  So my life for the past 10 years has been: C# + javascript, C# + html, C# + SQL, C# + DotNetNuke,  C# + Salesforce, C# + mobile, C# + API’s, C# + … you get the picture.  And now you understand this humble site’s title.

My goal is to share answers I’ve found through trial and error, head on desk pounding, and prayer.  Answers that didn’t turn up easily in a Google/Stackoverflow search.

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